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(English) White World Oze Iwakura

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White World Oze Iwakura has the largest ski area in the Kanto region.
There are sixteen different slopes to choose from, including a long slope with a variety of inclinations and a bumpy slope with a maximum incline of 40 degrees worth maneuvering down. There is a slope for beginners and another specifically for children. Therefore, you can choose one right for your level. The Iwakura Gondola connecting the ski area base with the summit will let you view the slopes and help you find one suitable for you. The Milky Way right out of the Gondola’s summit station has an average slope of 14 degrees and a length of 2,800 meters. Why don’t you ski down the slope as long as the gondola ride without stopping?


(English) (EN)http://www.oze-iwakura.co.jp/ski/en/