Katashina Village

(English) Tokura-no-Yu (for day-use only) in Oze Purari Hall

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Tokura-no-Yu, an onsen for day-use only, is located in Oze Purari Hall in Tokura that serves as the doorway in Gunma Prefecture to the mountains of Oze. Also in the hall is Oze Nature Center where you can learn the points you should keep in mind when climbing mountains, the history, nature, and environment of Oze, and moreover, conservation activities and seasonal information on Oze and enjoy the exhibits of the flora and fauna of Oze. The facilities are located adjacent to the parking space and the bus stop for the bus bound for Hatomachi-Toge (pass)/Fujimishita, where people head for Oze.


(English) http://www.tepco.co.jp/oze/iku/purari/index-j.html