Katashina Village

(English) Tenno-zakura cherry tree

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The huge Oyama-zakura (big wild cherry tree) with a trunk circumference of 5.2 meters is estimated to be 300 years old.
The dark pink blossoms flower on the branches spreading in a fan-like form from the thick trunk. The tree is a designated Natural Monument of Gunma Prefecture. The majestic tree will surely be one of the highlights of your tour.
Katashina Village is the only Special Snowy Area in the Kanto region. The snow remains even until early April and due to the high altitude of the location, the cherry tree starts blooming later in the season. The best time to enjoy the blossoms is between the end of April and early May each year. Even if you miss the cherry trees in full bloom in Tokyo or other urban areas, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at their best in Katashina Village. During the season, oyaki (non-sweet pancake with vegetable stuffing), dango (dumpling) and drinks are sold near the cherry tree.