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(English) Snow Park Oze Tokura

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Snow Park Oze Tokura, the pioneer of snowboard parks in Japan, is the closest super halfpipe to the Tokyo metropolitan area. It enjoys an established reputation for the types and locations of its equipment and the way the park is managed, including the quality of the diggers. As there is a high-quality halfpipe and a big kicker, just watching the snowboarders is a lot of fun. On the Park’s main “Romance Course” stand a series of items, including kickers and jibs, over a distance of about 2 kilometers. Both sides of the course are shaped like walls, which are neatly made into the form of the letter “R.” Thus, the entire course is like a huge halfpipe, which makes it possible to go up the wall and use the park equipment in a mixed hybrid manner.

329 Tokura Katashinamura Tonegun Gunma Japan 378-0411

(English) http://www.ozetokura.co.jp/snowpark/