Katashina Village

(English) Shigehachi Indigo Dyeing Studio

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Shigehachi is a studio where you can experience the traditional official aizome, or indigo dyeing, with a method called Tennen-Aku-Hakko-date (literally, natural-lye-fermentation-based) that uses no chemicals.
You are welcome to visit us alone, with you family, or in a group with friends.
During the summer season only, you can also see Japanese indigo (Polygonum tinctorium) planted in the field located within about 10 minutes’ walk from the studio, and moreover, with a prior reservation, you can experience the harvesting of indigo plants.
Arrangements can be made both for beginners and those with experience according to your request. (Materials, tie-dyeing designs, gradation, color density, masking, etc.)


(English) http://shigehachi.jp/