Katashina Village

(English) Shibutsu Mountain Villa

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Shibutsu Mountain Villa is best as a base for a walk around Ozegahara Marsh and a climb on Mt. Shibutsu. If you bring a tent with you, you can camp on the premises. There is a visitor center nearby where you can get information on walking in Oze to better enjoy the area.
During the season and if the weather is clear, you can observe the starry sky. In summer, fireflies flit about for you to enjoy. If you are thinking of climbing Mt. Shibutsu, you need to plan carefully, as the trails are open only during a certain period of time each year and the climbing routes are limited. The meals are mainly washoku (Japanese cuisine) and the guest rooms are Japanese-style. Reservation for a private room can be made for two guests or more. You may request a bento (packed meal) for lunch at the time of check in.

From the direction of Tokyo: (1) By bus: Leave Shinjuku on a Kan-etsu Transportation Highway Express Bus: Oze →Get off at Tokura → Walk about one minute to Hatomachi-Toge Bus Office (2) By train: Leave Tokyo on a JR East Joetsu Shinkansen → Get off at Jomo Kogen Station →Take a Kan-etsu Transportation bus to Hatomachi-Toge Bus Office Take a shuttle bus/a taxi from Hatomachi-Toge Bus Office to Hatomachi Toge From Hatomachi Toge to Shibutsu Mountain Villa: About an hour's walk (3.3 kilometers)

(English) http://www.welcome-to-oze.com/mountain/?page=0004

Reservation is required for every stay in a lodge in Oze. As the lodges are scattered extensively around Oze National Park, confirm their locations first depending on a preferred course and then make a reservation. Check-in/Check-out: Guests are advised to check-in no later than about 4:00 pm. Check-in early to be ready for the next day. When taking a bath: Guests are requested to voluntarily refrain from using soap, shampoo and other products for the purpose of nature conservation. Meals: Supper is served from about 5:00 pm and breakfast from about 6:00 am. If you want a bento (packed meal) for lunch next day, reserve it at the time of check-in. Lights‐out time: The lights are turned out at 9:00 pm. “Go to bed early and get up early” is the first rule of mountain climbing. Please be sure to keep to the lights-out time so as not to bother other guests.