Katashina Village

(English) Natural Onsen Shinmei-no-Yu (for non-staying guests)

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Shinmei-no-Yu is an onsen for non-staying guests operated by Semine Sanso, a minshuku (family-run lodgings), at the foot of Mt. Hotaka that is one of the top 100 great mountains in Japan. Shinmei-no-Yu features the simplicity of an indoor bath only and the Japanese country-style structure, as an old private house has been renovated to make the onsen facilities. If you do not find a receptionist at the desk, you just pay the onsen fee and take the bath. They say that the onsen helps make your skin beautiful. After the bath, why don’t you have zuriage in a tatami-mat room for onsen guests to take a rest/have a meal? Zuriage, a kind of kamaage udon (meaning udon straight-from-the-pot), is a local boiled noodle dish enjoyed simply with negi (green onion), kezuribushi (dried bonito flakes) and shoyu (soy sauce).


(English) http://www.oze-info.com/semine/simeinoyu/sinmeinoyu-1.htm