Katashina Village

Shirane Onsen Karakurakan

Shinane Onsen Karakurakan is a “gensen kakenagashi” onsen, which means that the onsen uses pure water from the earth as its spring source without adding anything to it and the water that has overflowed will not be reused. Karakurakan located in the mountains is blessed with clear and rather hot water, and because of the ample supply, the water coming from the faucet and shower is also spring water.
When you head for Tokyo from Mt. Nikko Shirane, you will find, near the “Yakushi-no-yu”( a day-use onsen), a solitary inn named Karakurakan, which is the source of the hot spring water. The main building of Karakurakan stands across the Otaki River. As there is no receptionist or any other staff in the onsen facilities, you need to cross a small bridge over the Otaki River to pay the onsen fee in the main building. Karakurakan is an onsen with a long tradition. It was first discovered in the early Edo era (17th century) and the current Emperor visited the onsen when he was a crown prince.