Katashina Village

Shirane Drive-in

Shirane Drive-in has been in operation for 50 years thanks to the support from many people. This is where you should visit for meals and souvenirs.
During spring and summer, we offer carefully homemade dishes, using fresh local food ingredients such as maitake mushroom grown in Katashina Village.
Please be sure to enjoy “Maitake Gohan,” rice cooked with maitake mushroom, our specialty menu. Group reservation is available.
During the winter time, skiing and snowboarding gear and equipment are available for rent at reasonable prices. Even mountain snow sports beginners can use them without worry, as they are well-maintained and easy-to-use. Skiing goods and accessories are sold at the sales corner of Shirane Drive-in.
* Please make inquiries in advance, as only a limited number of rental items are available.