Katashina Village

Renge Tsutsuji at the foot of Mt. Hotaka

About 20,000 renge tsutsuji, or Japanese azalea (Rhododendron japonicum), a Natural Monument of Gunma Prefecture, densely grow in the Hotaka Bokujo Camping Area, at the foot of Mt. Hotaka, one of the top 100 great mountains in Japan, or at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. Between early June and early July, the highland where beech trees and Japanese white birch trees grow turn blazing red.
There are two trekking courses, one 2-kilometers and the other 4-kilometers long, through a primeval beech forest for you to enjoy the great nature. After trekking, you can dine in the restaurant named Jingisukan BBQ House in the Camping Area where Jingisukan (Japanese-style Mongolian mutton barbecue) and other menus are available.