Katashina Village

Hana-no-eki Katashina “Hanasaku-no-Yu”

Hanasaku-no-Yu is an onsen (hot spring) available to non-staying guests only (No overnight stay). It is located at the foot of Mt. Hotaka, one of the top 100 great mountains in Japan. There are two onsen facilities: Kaori-no-yu (literally, onsen of fragrance) whose outdoor bath has lots of flowers planted nearby, and Kaze-no-yu (literally, onsen of wind) whose bathtub is made of rocks. Alternately each day, one of the two facilities is made available to male guests and the other to female guests. Both facilities have an indoor bath, outdoor bath, sauna bath and cold bath. The guests can enjoy the view from the outdoor bath, and moreover, take a break in the free rest area with tatami mats. Restaurant Hanasaku offers a variety of menus, using local products, and the shop sells local souvenirs and local specialty soft-serve ice cream.