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Oze is Japan's largest alpine marsh decorated with flowers, a Paradise on earth.

Oze National Park is a must-see in the Oze area. The splendor of nature in Oze will fascinate you as you step into the park. You will be welcomed by the marsh with seasonal flowers everywhere and bird songs from the surrounding mountains.
The more you walk, the more you will be rewarded with the beauty of Oze.
You will be comforted with the wind over the marsh and tiny flowers. In Oze, there are still landscapes that will impress you with the beauty of nature. They keep changing every season to fascinate and impress the tourists beyond words. Every step on the wooden boardwalk will make you feel refreshed and help you find something new for sure. Oze National Park is the 29th national park of Japan.

What to see in Oze

  • Oze is one of the major treasuries of plants in Japan.
    It is a snowy area and there are differences in the flora, depending on the natural conditions of the respective areas, including Ozegahara, which is an alpine marsh, Ozenuma Lake, and Mt. Shibutsu, which is made largely of serpentinite.
    About 900 kinds of pteridophytes and other higher plants have been identified in Oze.

  • Ozegahara Marsh is on the main tour route of Oze. The landscape with the wooden boardwalk straight ahead of you that has beautiful chito (small ponds developed in the marsh’s peat layer) around it is unique to Oze. Moreover, the course on the ridgeway of the somma located in the south of Ozegahara Marsh to the beautiful Ayamedaira Marsh has an atmosphere of Paradise in the air.

  • Mt. Shibutsu and Mt. Hiuchigatake, two of the top 100 great mountains in Japan, standing face to face, will make you forget that the place is only two hours’ travel from Tokyo. Oze is not only for beginner hikers but also for hard-core mountaineers.

Hiking and trekking

A day hiking course 1
(Hatomachi Toge [pass] ⇒ Yamanohana [rest spot] ⇒ Ushikubi [branch-off point]: out

Degree of hiking difficulty:

Approximate hiking time: 4 hours
/Distance:11 kilometers
Elevation gain/loss: About 200 meters
(If you have lots of energy, you may include the walk from Ryugu Jujiro [crossing] to Yoppi Tsuribashi [suspension bridge], which will increase the time to about 6 and half hours and the distance to 17 kilometers.)

This is the main route taken by about half of the hikers who visit Oze. You can fully enjoy the unique features of Oze.
You can enjoy seasonal flowers that include mizubasho (Japanese skunk cabbage. Rest assured. This plant has no bad smell.)
first to bloom at the end of May each year, nikko kisuge (broad dwarf day lily) in early summer, and ezorindo (gentian) in early autumn as well as autumn-colored tree leaves and plants between the end of September and early October.
Please be forewarned, however, that Oze is extremely crowded on the weekends in June, the peak flowering season of mizubasho.

Recommended spot


Ryugu Hut

Ryugu Hut is the only lodge located at Ryugu Jujiro (crossing), which is a two-and-a-half hour walk from Hatomachi Toge. […]

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Hatomachi Mountain Villa

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Shibutsu Mountain Villa

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Touden Hut

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Motoyu Mountain Villa

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Ozenuma Mountain Villa

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Ozegahara ”DAI-NI Chozo Hut”

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Ozenumahan ”Chozo Hut”

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Katashina School of Mountains and Forests (an incorporated non-profit organization)

How about walking around Oze with a professional guide? Go on an eco tour of Oze that is a little […]

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Katashina Mountain Guides Association

We offer guided tours for you to better enjoy the beautiful nature of Oze. Professional guides will help you find […]

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Shigehachi Indigo Dyeing Studio

Shigehachi is a studio where you can experience the traditional official aizome, or indigo dyeing, with a method called Tennen-Aku-Hakko-date […]

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Katashina Village Promotion Office: Oze Tourist

Taking advantage of Oze National Park and other tourist attractions, local agriculture and other unique local characteristics, Oze Tourist proposes […]

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Katashinaya: We sell local products from Katashina.

Katashinaya is a direct sales store operated by the village. We are conveniently located right next to the Kamata bus […]

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Minori-no-Sato farm restaurant

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Onsen(hot springs)

Tokura-no-Yu (for day-use only) in Oze Purari Hall

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Yoriiyama Onsen Hokkori-no-Yu

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Forest of Mizubasho

About 15,000 mizubasho (Japanese skunk cabbage. Rest assured. This plant has no bad smell.) grow in the Forest of Mizubasho, […]

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Oze Iwakura Lily Garden

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Snow Activity

Katashina Kogen

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White World Oze Iwakura

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Snow Park Oze Tokura

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Katashinaya: We sell local products from Katashina.

Katashinaya is a direct sales store operated by the village. We are conveniently located right next to the Kamata bus […]

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Katashina Soba (Yokosaka Seimen Corporation)

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