Katashina Village

(English) Shirane Onsen Yakushi-no-Yu

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Yakushi-no-yu is an onsen operating on a day-use only basis (no overnight stays) located on National Route 120 that runs through Katashina Village from the direction of Mt. Nikko Shirane in the direction of Tokyo. There is an indoor bath and an outdoor bath made with river stone each for male and female guests. About 350 liters of hot water gushes out every minute and 100% of the water will not be reused, which means that it is always clean. After a relaxing bath, why don’t you have onsen tamago, uniquely delicious very soft boiled egg, in the log cabin-style restaurant. Once you enjoy a relaxing time in an outdoor bath surrounded by mountains in the season of colored leaves, it is very likely that you will become addicted to the satisfying feeling.


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