Katashina Village

(English) HIGH FIVE Mountain Works

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Welcome to the High Five Sugenuma Adventure SUP Tour.
Sugenuma Lake boasts the best water clarity in Honshu, or the main island of Japan. The Lake is in Katashina Village located deep in Gunma Prefecture, the northwest of the Kanto region.
How about going on an adventure on a SUP board on the clear lake surface?
The participants of the tour will ride for about 40 minutes one way to the lake, where there is a private beach for you to relax.
You can go see the waterfalls, play with big trees sunk at the bottom of the lake, or jump into the lake from a rock.
Playing in the natural environment will take adults back to their childhood and encourage children to take a step toward adulthood.
Come enjoy the fun-filled High Five Sugenuma Adventure SUP Tour!


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