Katashina Village

A treasury of nature situated only 110 minutes from Tokyo.
Why don't you go on a fun-filled tour ?

Katashina Village is where you can fully enjoy nature with the surrounding mountains, including some of the top 100 great mountains in Japan,
Oze National Park and many other tourist attractions.
It is a village rich in natural water.
Enjoy the seasonal flowers, ten onsen (hot springs) facilities,
fresh in-season vegetables and a variety of local specialties along
with the beautiful Oze.

What kind of place is Katashina Village?

Katashina Village is where you can enjoy unique and beautiful nature that is valuable as a resource for tourism with Oze National Park that has Japan's largest alpine marshlands and three of Japan's top 100 great mountains
(Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Nikko Shirane and Mt. Shibutsu).
The village is designated as the only Special Snowy Area in the Kanto region, and naturally, a lot of snow falls in winter, but as the snow comes over the Echigo Mountains, it is dry and powdery.
In terms of weather conditions, the village belongs to the Pacific side regions, and therefore, the days are often bright even after a snowfall and without the image of a long dark winter. Rather, Katashina Village has a natural environment where you can fully enjoy all the four seasons of Japan with beautiful snow scenery, abundant spring flowers, comfortably cool summers and colorful autumn leaves.

Eco tourism to enjoy the four seasons of Japan in great nature

Have a relaxing time in onsen (hot springs) each with its own unique hot spring water quality and atmosphere

Great gifts from the land and thanks to the highlands climate and clear water

Land with good-quality spring water that has been selected as one of Japan's Hundred Best Waters

You can go hiking and trekking to enjoy seasonal flowers and plants.

Enjoy snow activities on good-quality powder snow.


Katashina Village is surrounded by 2,000-meter high mountains, including, among others, Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hotaka and Mt. Shirane.
The village is divided into the Oze area, Hotaka area and Shirane area each with unique tourist attractions.

Hiking and trekking

Clear air and beautiful flowers and plants. Mountain hiking and trekking will give you a more refreshing feeling of satisfaction than anything else. Hiking and trekking in Katashina Village is exceptionally enjoyable among other activities for contact with nature.

Snow activities

As Katashina Village is located at a high altitude in the mountains, you will see a landscape with so much snow that you will find it difficult to believe that you have travelled only 110 minutes from Tokyo. A variety of slopes, courses and facilities as well as good-quality powder snow will welcome you.
In some of the areas, you can also enjoy snowmobiling and snow trekking.


Feel and enjoy to the fullest nature and traditions unique to the rural communities.


There are many relaxing minshuku (family-run lodgings), ryokan (Japanese-style inns), pensions (Western-style minshuku) and hotels to suit your accommodation needs.

Onsen(hot springs)

Soak in onsen to wash away the fatigue from mountain climbing and trekking.


Delicious and healthy food grown in the natural environment unique to Katashina Village whose highland climate features a large difference between high and low temperatures of the day.


A rich variety of fresh local specialties and craft products is available.


As Katashina Village is located at a high altitude, you can enjoy rare alpine plants and the flowers of the season you missed enjoying in Tokyo.

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A route to fully enjoy outdoor activities

Be active at the foot of Mt. Nikko Shirane, the highest mountain in the north of the Kanto region!
There are lots of activities unique to Katashina Village thanks to its location in the rich natural environment. Just refresh and detox!

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Access to Katashina Village: The convenient way to go to Katashina is by highway express bus (service during the summer season only) from Tokyo or by Shinkansen (bullet train) and rental car. Please find the public transportation routes and other details below.